# choosing line with & color & label
plt.plot(X, Y, color="red", linewidth=2.5, linestyle="-", label="sine")

# choosing color and intensity
plt.plot (X, Y, color='blue', alpha=1.00)

# set legend loction & remove outer frame
plt.legend(loc='upper left', frameon=False)

# setting tics for an axis
plt.yticks([-1, 0, +1])

# intutive ticks for a axis
# note: we are setting limits not ticks**
plt.xlim(X.min()*1.1, X.max()*1.1)

# setting plot size and back-ground color
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(6,6), facecolor='white')

plt.figure attributes

Argument Default Description
num 1 number of figure
figsize figure.figsize figure size in in inches (width, height)
dpi figure.dpi resolution in dots per inch
facecolor figure.facecolor color of the drawing background
edgecolor figure.edgecolor color of edge around the drawing background
frameon True draw figure frame or not

Reference for


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