In success, humble shall I be,
and in failure, courage shall I be,
but in chaos, when I lose sight,
oh almighty, you shall be my sunlight

what you think, is in eyes that see,
when you know rich is not beauty,
when you know beauty is not kindness(happiness),
you should remember, kindness(happiness) is beautiful and rich.


wise say less when they speak.

to judge one, one shall need a perfectionist in all sense.

“There are two ways to handle any chaos. One is to not to feel by disregarding all attachments, to be like a stone and keep walking against all. Two is to be like water that lets it pass through all kinds of lights passes through water and leaving no trace and both flows.”

All life is either sacred or waste. Gift or Curse.

All is made up of dirt. It’s called many names like dust, dirt, sand, mud or like I say earth. All that is outside, what can see/feel/have/wish/dream is also only dirt but in a different form.