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Ipython Notes for learning

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Data Scientist Workbench:

It’s a free all-in-one solution for people interested in performing data analysis. The Data Scientist Workbench includes:

  • OpenRefine to clean up messy data.
  • Jupyter notebooks supporting Python, R, and Scala (with access to Apache Spark for Big Data processing).
  • Apache Zeppelin notebooks.
  • RStudio in your browser.

QuickSlides on NLTP – Natural Language Text Processing


Kaggle Tips:


Related reading:

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Tom Fawcett’s 2006 Pattern Recognition Letters paper on An Introduction to ROC Analysis.

Chapter 7 of Data Science for Business discusses the use of Expected Value as a useful classification metric, especially in cases of skewed data sets.

Research Articles

Note: This post was updated on April 16, 2015. Thanks to @aatallah for demystifying the origin of the name “ROC curve,” and to Joe McCarthy for the helpful references.

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