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Learn DS – Learn Data Science

To learn first, we need to know what it is first. So, we what is data science?

What is Data Science?

Data Science is more like field engineering in Civil Engg terms. What we typically learn in college or book or from other will always help us to understand the core principles of working towards a problem solution.

When I was doing my internship at KKNP Nuclear Power Plant, I got to know that in order to cover the top of the Reactor builder with a heavy metal dome there was a not a technology available to do that. So the field engineers, a civil engineer who work on site to tackle problems like this came up with a solution to build one special system to this job. As planned they have completed this job with the special heavy metal crane to get the job done. Today KKNP is one the best

Thus KKNP successfully went on to become one the best nuclear reactors in India, with 1000 Capacity(Mev) while most of the other reactors are below at bar of 220 or below.

Let’s analyse this above scenario for a moment,

  • They Feild Engineers, not mechanical or electrical engineers.
  • Market has no ready-made solution to the problem.
  • Team was forced to come up with a solution to build one special heavy metal crane.

Of course, things are bit obvious to see now that they might have hired some people to build a heavy metal crane and got their job done.

DS is similar to this Feild Engineering here. DS helps use to solves problems that could meet our needs in future. DS helps understand present based on our past and current data and then formulate principle to capture of possible futuristic demands.

DS is not restricted to one particular area or field of science. So do I have to learn every field of science? The Answer is a big No. We don’t need to learn everything. DS mostly include following

  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Inference
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning

The three topic in the start to build up our basics towards mathematics and last three to build our rest of knowledge of handling problems. In case if you are not from a programming background I would suggest you, to learn some programming skill to help you work better.

Ability to write code gives you control over actions. Said that we do have enough tools to deal all data problems but you might need to learn multiple tools for this. Suggested languages are Python or R.

Python is quick to pickup. Less code. A bit structure but beautiful language. The moment you understand, you will fall in love with code.

R comes from statistical background. It is also easy and people from statistician would prefer this I guess. I know my managers use R.

Note: Some programming skill is important but it not mandatory. Said that, it would be great to learn both R & Python to be able to understand what actually read codes in R or Python because this will ease your learning path and increase scope to learn from any online material.

Here are some resources to help you understand more about DS.



Great to know about DS but, what can DS do for me?

Great salary. Challenging Problem statement. A typical field which not restricted to a particular field of science. Covers stats, probability, programming & ML and other. I like such amalgamation of sciences. The Best part of DS, is we get understand existing things in a better way and do a better job for future.

For example, a data science learning tutorial program for 6th-grade students helps to cut their learning curve in science(say Mathematics). How? Conduct a series of tests to understand what the student need to learn and train accordingly.

What’s so special about this? All teacher does the same thing right. Special thing here is our DS Production – will create learning selections specific to the user and keeps updating as and when a user (student) want to test his skill. Also creates a flexibility to time and learn and practice when you can.


Do you have a plan or road map for learning DS?

Here is my initial plan I prepared for myself

Stage1 :
Why python for Data Science?
+ Learn Python. Check in inlovewithcode.wordpress.com for a quick start in python.
+ Check for [Python] Tutorial.
+ Check for basic data structures in Python.
+ Check for regular expression in Python.

+ Learning Pandas

+ Learning Matplot

Try kaggle.com tutorials


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