Participate in GitHub Started Repo Development

Python document engine

  • Easy the documentation of projects (or) Find & Develop on OpenSource Development projects

Desktop UI Tool

  • Need to develop a personal desktop UI Framework to create Quick Apps


  • Request Management System

File manager

  • manage file duplicates
  • bulk file renames

Youtube Volume Manager

  • increase/decrease volume of each video gazing at the user output preference
  • reduce the noise

Create a small tool to enable windows users to run Linux commands

  • list all basic commands
  • create batch script or tools

Create a web browser

Study 100 Machine Learning problems & codes

create a machine learning system that converts stories into rhyming words

Publish an interesting article/white paper/research work

Do 3~6 months of online volunteering

Create a Ipython Widget – for time tracking

  • Magic function for time consumption is done
  • next step: bug Ipython.core.PromptManager
    • here add a timer not to each prompt
    • also add list those times vs cell id’s

An article of Python Packages

  • To know the tightly coupled packages in Python
  • Commonly dependent packages in Python