As much as I knew, many great things in this world started with an imagination of things. Some succeeded in making them true were Scientists, Philosophers,. Leaders and so and so.

Like all those great people, here is what my thoughts of how future would look like,.

In a 100 Year, there would cars that float. Vehicles take you to your destinations, without even asking you. People drive for fun.

Hierarchical farming everywhere. One(rich) tends to grows their own vegetables.

People no longer build houses on the top of the ground. Efficiently using the heart in earth’s crust & Solar for households.

Trains that can travel through oceans and sea and also reach the moon.

No longer dependent on crude oil, only stable forms of energy like Nuclear, Solar and Geothermal energy.

People on a search for new life forms. Travelling through space and gravity.

Knowledge is no longer restricted to one place.

People only homeschool. A machine will be teaching you how to read, how to ride your bike and shall also find the women to marry.

As with any technology, organisations and empires, the power of knowledge and freedom are too powerful or great & dangerous entities.

The Era of machines might be soon than one would think. Machines could realise that intellectual humans are also parasites of Earth.

Humans would never compromise with machines, and machines already know. When time is right, Humanity might to sent off into distinct planets or not.

People will be given jobs to their intellect and skill.

Those who work would be rich. Not name or wealth of fore families.