DS – Career Tips

What the following video if you have any questions matching below & those question are if* do related learning to data science.

  • How to begin everything or anything to be Data Scientist?
  • How to proceed?
  • What to do?
  • How to do?
  • How to learn hard difficult or boring topics? Support?
  • Whom you to meet?
  • Whom to bug?
  • How to make friends like you, who share your enthusiasm to learn or figure out?
  • Why and how to networking?
  • How to advance after becoming a data scientist?
  • Where to lookout to learn high dimensional stuff?

Tetiana Ivanova – How to become a Data Scientist in 6 months a hacker’s approach to career planning


( Inspired by Tetiana Ivanova) ( this is also my first DS-ist Video felt so great) ( Its like some 40 mins, of course I do feel something after watching. This is almost size of two anime shows and watched it completely without skipping any frame 🙂