Blackhole – Theories

In this article, I would like to present my theoretical explanation of Blackholes.

Let’s start with what we know. All the knowledge or any magical things we as humans did, gets its basic fundamentals from mother nature. So why not understand that and apply the same from black hole theory too.

A recently new paper publishes by an Indian Astrophysicist says that black holes are actually a large star like other stars, contains mass. I think this is what kind of inspired to think like this.

My first concept, for this, let’s take the example of a water draining in a kitchen sink. The concept is simple, water is moving from high potential energy state to lower energy state. Here is I have one more question, so if it’s just moving then why is water forming a vortex kind of a shape while draining.

We all know that water is a liquid and for a moment we things water is animal herd, it’s a bit chaotic movement but as first animal(inertia) slow begin, the rest follows. soon rest of the herd picks up the pace and moving this rest of the water molecules. Here if we try to imagine different forms or styles water could have moved only the Vortex structure keep the quick energy movement from one place to another place.

If you see where I am getting I believe this vortex theory applies to black holes. They(black hole) could the dimensional hole, that is sinking the energy from this dimension or sector or platform or the world to another where there is less or where there is more space.

Well, all this looks good but how do you know that there are actually at least two different worlds?

If you think in terms of energy, you can find that energy universes all around us. You have mass / energy(E=mc2, to add), you would be considered an energy field(universe). so we consider all of us on earth and solar system & our nebula, then we are once energy universe.

To conclude I would like share that Blackholes are potential sinks of our Universe and other. While we are losing energy(light/another planets) we are gettings space in exchange(like through water sink we send water and gain space).

And Blackholes could have been formed like cyclones are formed, when there is a huge drop in energy and energy universes are moving in different directions(Of course, we are also believing that universes are moving).

As a hole is a 2 dimension image, in reality, it could be a sphere. But if continue to believe our water sink theory on the further stretch, it might just a ring instead of a sphere where on optimal condition it could be possible that center of the vortex can be a pathway to another universe link many theoretical physicists believe.