How to download Kaggle Data Files?

Method 1: Using Chrome App & wget

  • Step1: Get Chrome Widget:
  • Step2: Login to you Kaggle HomePage and then check you cookies details(testing above app is if working).
  • Step3: Go to command line where you want to download details and here create a file named `cookies`
  • step4: run following type of command
wget --load-cookies=cookies

For large files like I have here stage1.7z from Data Science Bowl 2017 @ Kaggle, I use the following snippet to check how well download is going on,.

for i in {1..100}; do sleep 20; ls -l stage1.7z; done

Meathod2: Using Python Script

  • Step1: Get a copy of following file –
  • Step2: Run above script to check for help. (I’m planning to work in this project to make it more easy to download tools).

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