how to do mathplotlib more appealing?

Check this video – to know how to improve your data visualisation using matplotlib.pyplot


Here are some Matplotlib Instruction/Sample Code, I got from EDX- Python Programming for DS. Check that course for quick work-out on MATPLOTLIB

How to customise x-axis scale to log?

# Basic scatter plot, log scale
 plt.scatter(players_ids, scores)

How to add Add axis labels?

# Strings
 xlab = 'players'
 ylab = 'Scores'
 title = 'World Chess Tournament in 2007'

How to add a Graph title?


How to add x-axis labels?

# Add players labels
 plt.xticks([1, 2, 3],['Sam', 'Alex', 'Mac'])

How to display plot?


Here is a complete example on World Population Code that I copied from above tutorial that really impressed me.

# Import numpy as np
import numpy as np
# Store pop as a numpy array: np_pop
np_pop = np.array(pop)
# Double np_pop ==> increase size of dots or points
np_pop = np_pop * 2
# Update: set s argument to np_pop
plt.scatter(gdp_cap, life_exp, s = np_pop)
# Previous customizations
plt.xlabel('GDP per Capita [in USD]')
plt.ylabel('Life Expectancy [in years]')
plt.title('World Development in 2007')
plt.xticks([1000, 10000, 100000],['1k', '10k', '100k'])
# Display the plot


# For different colors points; s - refers to size ; c - color for each point[big-red;med-green;small-black];
 plt.scatter(x = gdp_cap,
             y = life_exp,
             s = np.array(pop) * 2,
             c=col, # sample col - ['red','blue','green','yellow',...]

Note: len(col) should be equal to len(x) ==> each point specify your colour. My recommendation would be like take a max function over y.

def sams_points_color_recommendatiaon_engine(x,y):
    y_max = max(y)
    y_min = min(y)
    # setting a bar at 1/3 & 2/3 in y - spread
    y_avg1 = y_min + (y_max - y_min) * 0.33
    y_avg2 = y_min + (y_max - y_min) * 0.66
    cols = []
    for x, y in zip(x,y):
        if y < y_avg1 : cols.append(‘red’)
        elif y < y_avg2 : cols.append(‘yellow’)
        else: cols.append(‘green’)
    return cols


Key Points:

  • Add plt.grid(True) after the plt.text() calls so that gridlines are drawn on the plot
  • The strings xlab and ylab are already set for you. Use these variables to set the label of the x- and y-axis.
  • The string title is also coded for you. Use it to add a title to the plot.
  • After these customizations, finish the script with to actually display the plot.
  • Use tick_val and tick_lab as inputs to the xticks() function to make the the plot more readable.
  •  Display the plot with after you’ve added the customisations.
  • Change the opacity of the bubbles by setting the alpha argument to 0.8 inside plt.scatter(). Alpha can be set from zero to one, where zero totally transparant, and one is not transparant.
  • Add plt.grid(True) after the plt.text() calls so that gridlines are drawn on the plot.