Name Manager

If you are a regular Excel user, you often would be feeling that defining some global variables and then incrementing them would be an easier job. Then this Excel “Name Manager” is for you.

Here you can define variable and re-use them anywhere in the sheet.

So, how to define a global variable in Excel sheet?

Using “Name Manager“, we can define a variable and use it anywhere in the Excel sheet.

Navigation: Excel > Formula’s Tab > Name Manager

excel name manager

Here is how it looks like and here is where you need to define your variables

excel name manager GUI

How do we use this global variable?

Just like we fetch today’s date or time in excel sheet, we can use the name given to the variable.

excel name manager usage

Are anything more we need to learn about excel – Name Manager?

We can also define a list/column/ of information as variable but I did really like much but here is how we use it.

If you are having trouble with storing date and while showing in excel sheet, try to change “cell”‘s data-type format.