Google Tango

A google initiative for capturing the world we know it in 3D. The world has changed quiet since the discovery of micro processors and LCD’s. Everyday a new product is coming into the market making its own place. Google Glass technology, Gorilla Glass are two examples of it. Concepts of technology is boiling down to its roots saying anything is be possible now.

Project Tango is one such new technology. Wall Street Journal on Tango, suggests this device would be a small form factor tablet with an advanced 3D imaging camera. Google is reportedly producing 4,000 prototypes of this tablet next month.

Prototype 3D Capture
Prototype 3D Capture

The real magic is in software. It’s basically like packing a Kinect into a smartphone (literally). The software allows the cameras to lay a grid of dots on objects and depending on how the dots are placed, the device identifies objects in the room. An iFixit teardown of the first Tango prototype smartphone revealed this about the algorithm behind the software: “The algorithm cross-correlates groups of dots from the captured image of the projected dots with the pattern stored. Since the pattern is pseudo-random, each group of dots will have a unique fingerprint. Depth/distance is then calculated from the deviation in position of each dot in the sub-group related to its position in the stored pattern.”

Google glass is one of my personal favorite next to google kinetic technology. But Google Glass considerable has need been very successful I believe. Similar to introduction of SSD to HDD in 2001. The world was not yet ready for then. Hoping for the best – Good luck Google.

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