Tips for uploading csv data with sql developer

Use Sql developer 4.0 with pre-installed Java, this will help you for good extend.

Q: How to upload data to table ?
Ans: From Sql Developer, select the required table and check for “Import”. After that, flow with the flow 😉

If you are trying upload csv file using in-built tools, few things

  1. Which important Data, make sure you set you upload max rows and display rows in limit.(Max rows to be uploaded should > rows in you csv file)
  2. Note – if any Date characters are there, make sure to give date format of column “DD-MON-YYY” for ’14-APR-2006′ ( This is in the export process, -@ 4th stage, make sure you test it before upload)

If you are trying to upload data as insert – Sql format, you remember the follow

  1. “SET SCAN OFF”, To prevent system asking you for entering values. If sql querying is having any ‘&’, It will think that we are going to input something there.
  2. “Set NOLOG”, only if you are sure.In case of csv import with built-in tools of sql developer – you don’t need to bother much.
  3. Commit, after 2 ~ 3k records, to be safer side if you are expecting any chances of errors.

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