PL SQL Printing Dates in a Month

— anonymous block to print of dates in a month

 som date; --start of month
 eom date; --end of month
 tmp date;
 select last_day(add_months(sysdate,-1))+1 into som from dual; --#current som
 select last_day(sysdate) into eom from dual;

 htp.print(TO_CHAR(SOM, 'FMDay, DDth Month YYYY'));
 tmp := som;
 while tmp < eom
   if lower(to_char(tmp,'FMDay')) = lower('sunday') then htp.print('-------------------------'); end if;
   tmp := tmp +1;
   htp.print(TO_CHAR(TMP, 'FMDay, DDth Month YYYY'));
  end loop;

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