Apex 4 Charts: Dynamically adding a series.

To know how to add multiple series chart in Oracle Apex with examples*.

Christoph's 2 Oracle Cents

Here is an example of how to dynamically add a series to a Apex 4 chart.

Imagine the following scenario: You have a table with sales data. The table has three columns: SALES_DATE, STATE, SALES_AMOUNT. And lets say you do business only in Texas. So if you wanted to create a simple line (or other) chart on this table to show the sales amount for each day, it is pretty straight forward. You create a chart series with a query that looks something like this:

If you were doing business in two states (Texas and Oklahoma), you could simply create two series, one for Texas and on for Oklahoma:

Let’s say your business continues to grow, and you may add more states in the future. Of course you could go into the chart manually and continue to add more series.

But wait! There is a better solution! You can add…

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