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Welcome to Inlovewithcode !!

Hi, I am Sam(Sampath), Software Developer by profession. I am a full-time Python programmer. I have been working most on developing data wrangling, ETL Infrastructure Tools, Infrastructure Monitoring  & (Analytical) Reporting Dashboard. This blog is to keep short notes of wonderful things I find across.

This blog is also my dedication to Python language and all other interesting things provided by its community. I understand that C & Java are the best & fast & portable and all but I have enough space and processing power which is also good and nowaday cost of IT infrastructure is reducing gradually. So in terms of Bussiness or Operational perspectives, I believe this makes ideal for Python for today’s world to reduce my development and testing time & managing cost. Of course from a developers point of view, we love Python for many reasons like code readability, coding standards, wonderful documentation, packages available, large developer community, free of cost, lot of free learning resources.

In this blog, I will cover some Python programming related notes mostly and some notes on Bash Scripting, SQL & Mysql. For time I working on expanding my data wrangling skill towards data science areas, so I will be adding some notes on data science as an when I found interesting things. Thank you.

Thank you.